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Dess, Aboyne, Aberdeenshire AB34 5BD

Phone: (0) 133 998 3777



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Deeside Brewery reopened in early 2012 after a brief period of closure. After securing new investment from a local businessman, the much needed capital was used to fund the hiring of new staff and an expansion of the brewery plant roughly doubling its previous capacity. Tim Hieghton-Jackson and Kris Lovie joined the company with Tim taking the role of Brewery Manager. Deeside founder, Rob James, is serving as technical director during the transition to the new ownership. One of the most visible signs of the new management is the redesign of the company's logo and beer labels; however, the flavours of the original beers have not been altered. The company is currently in talks trying to secure a national distribution deal for its beers.

Deeside Brewery started out as Hillside Brewery opened by brewer Rob James in 2006 with brewing taking place at his house in Lumphanan. The original brewery was housed in an old croft house and farm buildings on a hillside at the property. A keen local history buff, Rob named his beers after historical figures from the northeast of Scotland. In a short while demand for the beers grew and, after obtaining approval of a planning application submitted to Aberdeenshire Council, a new 10-barrel brewery plant was installed at Deeside Activity Park in December, 2008 and brewing commenced in early 2009. The brewery name was changed to Deeside Brewery with the opening of the new brewery.


Macbeth - 3.8% ABV
Deeside Macbeth.
A golden coloured ale with floral and melon notes. Finishes dry with the flavour of tropical fruit.
Brude - 5.2% ABV
Deeside Brude.
A straw coloured ale loaded with the flavours of grapefruit, elderflower, and citrus.
Nechtan - 4.5% ABV
Deeside Nechtan.
An India Pale Ale style beer, golden in colour with strong flavours of orange, grapefruit and lemon.
Talorcan - 3.8% ABV
Deeside Talorcan.
A thick and creamy velvety smooth Stout style beer. Full of rich, deep chocolate flavours.
LAF - 3.6% ABV
Deeside LAF.
Dubbed a 'Lager Inspired Fusion', LAF is a California Common or Steam Beer style ale with some lager qualities. Has a clean, crisp flavour.