Dumfries & Galloway Breweries

Brewery Regions Map.Little information survives on the historical breweries of Dumfries and Galloway and even today there exists only one active brewery. However, we do know from the First Statistical Account of Scotland that in 1716 there were no less than ninety-one brewers (likely many of whom were brewsters, women brewers) in Dumfries alone. The Second Statistical Account of Scotland also noted that there were "several breweries in Dumfries" in 1845.

From the records that are available, the early twentieth century seems to have been the most active period for brewing throughout the area. Of the commercial interests, George Black ran the White Sands Brewery in Dumfries from around 1898 to 1907. John MacDonald & Son ran the Queen Street Brewery in Castle Douglas from about 1906 to 1920. In 1784, James Murray built a substantial brewery in the High Street at Gatehouse-of-Fleet and another  smaller brewery was established here sometime after in Ann Street. The High Street Brewery lasted until about 1902. In Newton Stewart, The South Western Brewery Company Limited was registered in 1898 to acquire, among other interests, the Newton Stewart Brewery of William Thomas Solomon. The firm was later sold to Archibald, Campbell, Hope & King of Edinburgh in 1925 after which brewing ceased although the building was retained for storage.

Today, brewing in the region has been restored by Sulwath Brewers (est. 1996) at Castle Douglas and by Madcap Brewery (est. 2008) at Ecclefechan.


Dumfries & Galloway