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Unit 3, Broadmeadow Industrial Estate, Ecclefechan, Dumfriesshire DG11 3LG

Phone: (0) 146 120 3495




Madcap Brewery is a small family-run concern in Annan. The founders previously ran a specialty beer shop called "Beer Unique" that concentrated on importing Belgian beers. They have an affinity for Belgian Strong Ales as well as for American craft beers.

At some point in the late 1990s, more was desired than simply selling imported beers. Experience in brewing was picked up through Sunderland University's Brewlab courses with practical experience being gained over roughly two years at Hadrian Brewery in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. Finally, in 2008 it was decided to open their very own brewery based upon a number of small-scale recipes that had been developed. A purpose built building was added to their family premises and a one-barrel capacity brewing plant installed.

The first beer, the cask-conditioned "Annandale Black" was launched through the help of the local CAMRA Branch at the Caven Arms in Dumfries. In addition to their current linup of cask ales, a wide range of bottled beers are also produced, all very stylistically diverse. Many of their beers are quite strong and there's plenty for those that favour more aggresive style beers.


Scotch Madness - 8.0% ABV
Madcap Scotch Madness.
A dark & malty Strong Scotch Ale style beer with a creamy, slightly sweet flavour and depth of complexity.
Hopped Madness - 7.0% ABV
Madcap Hopped Madness.
An Imperial Pale Ale style beer that is heavily hopped but maintaining a rich malt accent.
Honey Madness - 9.0% ABV
Madcap Honey Madness.
A Pale Ale style beer with generous amounts of heather honey from the surrounding Dumfries & Galloway hills.
Black Madness - 4.0% ABV
Madcap Black Madness.
A dark seasonal winter ale with lots of roasted malt character and spicy undertones provided by a blend of three types of hops.
Double Madness - 8.0% ABV
Madcap Double Madness.
A rich, malty, and dark Belgian Dubbel style beer with slightly sweet notes.
Trippple Madness - 9.0% ABV
Madcap Trippple Madness.
A very pale coloured beer in the style of a Belgian Blonde Tripel having a distinct maltiness and fresh perfumed hop aroma.
Liquorice Madness - 10.0% ABV
Madcap Liquorice Madness.
An Imperial Stout style beer brewed with the addition of 100% pure liquorice.
Santa's Madness - 8.5% ABV
Madcap Santa's Madness.
A dark & malty Strong Scotch Ale with added spices.

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