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Innis & Gunn was founded in 2003 by brewer Dougal Sharp, son of Russell Sharp, founder of Caledonian Brewing. Innis & Gunn specialises in beers matured in oak casks previously used for maturing spirits. Brewing the beer takes roughly seven days. The beer is then racked to the oak casks where it matures for a length of time depending upon the beer in question. After this time, the casks are emptied and the beer blended to be further aged in the "marrying tun" for thirty to seventy-seven days. The beer is then bottled. All casks are only used once.

How did this all come about? According to the company's website, by total accident. Dougal was enlisted by the whisky company, William Grant & Sons, who were experimenting with maturing whisky in casks previously used for aging ale. Dougal produced a smooth malty ale that was aged for thirty days in former bourbon casks. The ale was then discarded and the casks filled with the whisky for aging. This Ale Cask Whisky was a big success but when the distillery staff analysed the beer (after some time) they discovered the ale had greatly changed in character after having been aged in the casks. Industry experts then tasted the beer and ranked it a nine out of nine. So, in August, 2003, Innis & Gunn Oak Aged Beer was put on the market.

Innis & Gunn beers are available in the U.K. and in parts of Europe and North America.


Original - 6.6% ABV
Innis & Gunn Original.
Golden honey in colour, this flagship beer upon which the company was founded is matured in oak cask for seventy-seven days. This maturation produces a beer with the flavours of vanilla, toffee, and oak that complement the malty base and fruity hoppiness.
Blonde - 6.0% ABV
Innis & Gunn Blonde.
A bright golden beer aged in American oak for thirty-seven days producing a light vanilla and oak flavour. Finishes light and slightly malty with hints of fruit.
Rum Cask - 7.4% ABV
Innis & Gunn Rum Cask.
Aged in former rum casks for fifty-seven days, a red hued beer with the flavours of fruit and malt complemented by the spiciness provided by the rum.