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Fallen Brewing Company being set up by Paul Fallen, a former homebrewer who decided to try his hand at a commercial brewing enterprise. To reduce startup costs and to allow some flexibility in determining what size of brewery plant would best fit the needs of the company, Paul has decided to brew under contract initially through Traditional Scottish Ales.

The brewery plans to focus on mostly local distribution and to brew beers with an emphasis on US hop varities and interesting adjuncts. The initial product range will be comprised of 4-6 regular beers as well as monthly specials, the latter of which are intended to be very experimental. Fallen beers should be available commercially very soon.

Follow Paul's progress by signing up on the email list through the company's website and also on Twitter and Facebook.


Odyssey - 4.1% ABV
Fallen Brewing Odyssey.
Blonde Ale. More information forthcoming.
Dragonfly - 4.6% ABV
Fallen Brewing Dragonfly.
Amber Ale. More information forthcoming.
Blackhouse - 5.0% ABV
Fallen Brewing Blackhouse.
Smoked Porter. More information forthcoming.
Grapevine - 5.4% ABV
Fallen Brewing Grapevine.
Pale Ale. More information forthcoming.