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GlenPark Hotel, 5 Racecourse Road, Ayr, Ayrshire KA7 2DG

Phone: (0) 7834 922 142

Website: Ayr Brewing Company

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Ayr Brewing Company was founded in October 2009 by Anthony Valenti and his brother-in-law Paul Rossi and is the first brewery in the area for over 80 years. The brewery operates out of the GlenPark Hotel in Ayr and has a 5 BBL brewery plant producing 20 and 40 casks per week as well as some bottled products.

In addition to their regular beers, they brew seasonal and special beers as well. Look for them in pubs in and around Ayrshire, Glasgow, Edinburgh and the north of England.


Leezie Lundie Pale Ale - 3.8% ABV
Ayr Leezie Lundie.
A pale golden session ale with the flavours of sweet citrus and soft fruits and a floral aroma. Hopped with Slovenian grown Styrian Golding. Available in cask and bottles.
Jolly Beggars Best Bitter - 4.2% ABV
Ayr Jolly Beggars.
A traditional Best Bitter style beer with a malty backbone and the flavours of toffee, fruit and citrus hops. Hopped with German Brewers Gold. Available in cask and bottles.
Rabbie's Porter - 4.3% ABV
Ayr Rabbie's Porter.
A robust and full bodied Porter style beer with a rich flavor of dark treacle and fruits and a slightly smoky edge. Hopped with UK Challenger and Progress. Available in cask and bottles.
Towzie Tyke Premium Ale - 4.6% ABV
Ayr Towzie Tyke.
An amber ale that is fruity and hoppy with the flavours of orange and grapefruit and a long dry bitter finish. Available in cask and bottles.
Clachan Yill Ruby Ale - 4.0% ABV
Ayr Clachan Yill.
Ruby coloured beer hopped with Fuggles and Bramling Cross. Available only in cask at the present time.
Doctor Hornbook Blonde Stout - 7.2% ABV
Ayr Doctor Hornbook Blonde Stout.
Available in cask and bottles.
Scaur O'Doon Summer Ale - 3.6% ABV
Ayr Scaur O'Doon.
A light session ale available in cask during the summer months.
Clootie Bree Winter Ale - 5.0% ABV
Ayr Clootie Bree.
A dark, rich Winter Warmer style beer brewed with three types of malt, three different hop varieties, and blend of three spices. Available in cask during the winter months.