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The Fox & Hounds Pub in the village of Houston in Renfrewshire, a short distance from Glasgow Airport, houses the Houston Brewing Company. The brewery started in 1997 after the completion of renovation of the pub's cellar into a brewery. Carl Wengel's family has owned the pub - a listed building dating from 1780 - since 1979 and started serving cask ales there in the early 1990s. The brewing side of the business was started by Carl and his wife Caroline. The pub itself is more than worth the drive out to Houston if you are from or visiting the Glasgow area - highly recommended!

The brew plant was purchased from the Marston Moor Brewery near York and has a capacity of 40 barrels per week with current production running at about 30 barrels per week. The team at Houston is happy with keeping the size of the operation at its present level in order to keep their beers hand-crafted.

Houston brews a constant range of cask conditioned ales and a great many seasonal ales. Many of their seasonal range are named after the various US Space Shuttles, please consult the brewery's website for the full list of the beers on their "Monthly Space Ale Calendar". Hundreds of pubs, hotels and restaurants are supplied throughout the U.K.


Peter's Well - 4.2% ABV
Houston Peter's Well.
A Pale Ale style beer with a smooth yet dry and zesty flavour with the aroma of fresh cut grass and floral hop.
Killellen - 3.7% ABV
Houston Killellen.
An amber coloured beer with the flavours of lemon and elderflower a floral, citrus hop aroma, and a smooth, dry finish.
Barochan - 4.3% ABV
Houston Barochan.
A copper-red coloured beer with flavours of mature fruit and a strong aroma of Challenger hops.
Warlock - 4.7% ABV
Houston Warlock.
A dark coloured, well balanced and full bodied Stout with a strong but smooth flavour.
Crystal - 5.0% ABV
Houston Crystal.
A clean and crisp beer with a spicy and fruity flavour and a strong citrus hoppy aroma.
Carl's Beer - 3.9% ABV
Houston Carl's Beer.
A classic Bitter style beer that is pale, dry and crisp with the flavours of fruit and citrus.
Festival Ale - 4.0% ABV
Houston Festival Ale.
A golden coloured beer that is full bodied and sharp with the aroma of fresh lemongrass, floral and spice.
Blonde Bombshell - 4.0% ABV
Houston Blonde Bombshell.
A clean and refreshing beer with a light hoppy flavour, fresh hop and fruit zest aroma, and a passionfruit finish.
Black & Tan - 4.2% ABV
Houston Black & Tan.
A dark beer with flavours of smoke, oak, dark malt and roasted barley.
Braveheart - 4.0% ABV
Houston Braveheart.
A Scottish Premium Ale with the flavour of mature fruit and roasted malt well balanced with a blend of hops.
Tartan Terror - 4.5% ABV
Houston Tartan Terror.
A smooth and creamy beer with subtle hints of roasted coffee and a soft bittersweet aftertaste.
Jock Frost - 4.5% ABV
Houston Jock Frost.
A pale coloured winter ale that is malty and full-bodied with a fruity, hoppy character.