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Craigmill, Strathaven, Scotland ML10 6PB

Phone: (0) 1357 520 419




Strathaven Ales was started in late 2005 by business friends Craig and Douglas Buchanan and Allan Young. They have devoted considerable effort into updating the brewery to attract visitors. The brewery itself is the historic Craigmill Brewery on the River Avon used previously by Williams Brothers/Heather Ales and restored with the help of Historic Scotland. The buildings now house a brewing plant with a weekly capacity of around 36 barrels. The brewing setup contains former dairy equipment as well as some previously used at Tennent's Wellpark Brewery in Glasgow. A somewhat unique feature of the brewery is a 500 gallon stone-clad brewing kettle of eighteenth century design.

The brewery now produces about thirty barrels a week distributing to the Central area of Scotland as well as in England. The names of the ales are influenced by the strong Covenenter history closely associated with the Strathaven area. They are available primarily in cask format although bottled versions are produced for gift packs and limited sales. The brewery visitor centre welcomes the public between 2P and 4P daily or by appointment and select ales can be sampled in the tap room.


Avondale - 4.0% ABV
Strathaven Avondale.
Avondale is an amber ale brewed with pilsener (lager) malt and Maris Otter pale ale malt and hopped with a combination of UK and US hop varieties for a citrusy finish. The name comes from nearby Avondale Castle, once a Douglas stronghold.
Claverhouse - 4.5% ABV
Strathaven Claverhouse.
Claverhouse is a red ale brewed with Scottish Crystal malt and what is described as red malted barley. It is hopped with US hops from the state of Oregon. The ale is named for John Graham of Claverhouse, better known as "Bonnie Dundee".
Clydesdale IPA - 3.8% ABV
Strathaven Clydesdale.
Clydesdale is a UK IPA style ale brewed with Maris Otter pale malt and hopped with hops from the Clyde River Valley. The beer is named for the famous Clydesdale horses in general - not the ones associated with a certain American brewery.
Craigmill Mild - 3.5% ABV
Strathaven Craigmill Mild.
A well-balanced Dark Mild style beer brewed with a blend of US hops giving a lingering subtle orange peel flavour and having a rich chocolate aroma.
Old Mortality - 3.5% ABV
Strathaven Old Mortality.
Old Mortality is a Scottish 80/- style ale brewed with Scottish malted barley and hopped with English First Gold and American Cascade hop varieties.
Ginger Jock - 4.0% ABV
Strathaven Ginger Jock.
Brewed with root ginger giving a spicy flavour and a citrus aftertaste. Spring and Summer seasonal.
Trumpeter - 4.2% ABV
Strathaven Trumpeter.
Trumpeter is a dark roasty, coffee-like ale brewed with Scottish oats and Roasted Barley. It is named in honour of a young trumpeter attached to Claverhouse's troop at the Battle of Drumclog who's horse was commandeered by Claverhouse and who was killed in the process. Autumn and Winter seasonal.
Aleberry - 4.6% ABV
Strathaven Aleberry.
A fruit beer brewed with the addition of Damson berries.
Duchess Anne - 3.9% ABV
Strathaven Duchess Anne.
Duchess Anne is a light summer ale brewed with pilsener (lager) malt and malted wheat. It is flavoured with Meadowsweet, a very historical Scottish flavoring addition. Duchess Anne was the first Duchess of Hamilton.
Lord Kelvin - 4.7% ABV
Strathaven Lord Kelvin.
A copper coloured beer brewed with Maris Otter and Crystal malts, hopped with Slovenian hops, and flavoured with fresh root ginger.
Timorous Beastie - 4.9% ABV
Strathaven Timorous Beastie.
A dark amber beer with a toffee flavour and a citrus aroma. Winter seasonal.
Line Out - 4.0% ABV
Strathaven Line Out.
An amber coloured beer with brewed with Pale, Crystal, and roasted malts and hopped with a blend of three hop varieties. Winter seasonal.
Summer Glow - 3.9% ABV
Strathaven Summer Glow.
A light bodied golden ale brewed with aromatic hops and orange zest. Summer seasonal.
Winter Glow - 5.0% ABV
Strathaven Winter Glow.
A nutty brown coloured beer with a spicy flavour from the addition of cinnamon and tangerine zest. Winter seasonal.