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Templeton Building, Glasgow Green, Glasgow G40 1AW

Phone: (0) 1415 500 135



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West Brewing Company is a modern microbrewery located at Binnie Place in the former Templeton Carpet Factory near the People's Palace in Glasgow Green. They opened in March of 2006 with the vision of specializing in German style beers brewed in accordance with the Reinheitsgebot or German Purity Law. The brewing plant was imported from Germany and represents the most modern brewing technology.

In the beautifully restored area of the old factory, WEST offers a modern Scottish take on the iconic German beerhall. WEST takes as much pride in its food as it does its beer and offers an extensive menu. The brewhouse can be seen from the main hall and tours are available by arrangement.


St Mungo - 4.9% ABV
WEST St Mungo.
A unique WEST recipe in celebration of Glasgow's Patron Saint said to have brewed beer. St Mungo is a hybrid between a Munich Helles and a German style Pils.
West 4 - 4.0% ABV
West 4 is a traditionally brewed German lager but with a sessionable ABV.
Hefeweizen - 5.2% ABV
WEST Hefeweizen.
Traditional version of a German hefeweizen brewed with eighty percent wheat malt and exhibits the classic banana and clove character of Bavarian hefes.
Munich Red - 4.9% ABV
WEST Munich Red.
A dark ruby red premium lager with a biscuity malt base and sweet caramel notes.
Black - 4.6% ABV
WEST Black.
A dry stout with the flavours of dark chocolate and coffee and a hint of liquorice and a light hop note.
Dunkel - 4.9% ABV
WEST Dunkel.
WEST's unique version of Dunkel, a darker lager beer brewed with five different malts.
King Tut's - 4.4% ABV
WEST King Tut's.
A light easy drinking lager with an earthy citrus quality and hop bite. Created in collaboration with the celebrated Glasgow live music venue of the same name.
G.P.A. - 5.2% ABV
Loosely Kölsch in style, brewed with malted barley and malted wheat for a biscuity malt finish. Strongly hopped with American Chinook and German Hallertau Mittelfrüh.