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Isle of Colonsay, PA61 7YT

Phone: (0) 1951 200 190



The Colonsay Brewery takes its name from the tiny island it calls home in the Scottish Hebridean islands. Colonsay is just to the north of the famous malt whisky island of Islay and just to the west of the Isle of Jura. The brewery produces traditional ales and a lager. The brewery began in 2007 and its set up was assisted by well respected UK brewery consultant George Thompson, who has helped a number of Scotland's microbreweries get their start.

Brewing is undertaken by Rob Pocklington and Chris Nisbet. Both also perform a variety of other functions on the island; Rob, fireman, oyster farmhand, green keeper, B&B host, councillor and construction consultant, Chris, also a fireman, pier hand, and electricity engineer but also serving as Colonsay Island Development Officer. Brewing takes place on a 5 BBL brewing plant.


Colonsay Lager - 4.4% ABV
Colonsay Lager.
A rich and full flavoured lager that undergoes an "unusually" long maturation time.
Colonsay 80 Shilling - 4.2% ABV
Colonsay 80 Shilling.
A traditional Scottish Export Eighty Shilling with a flavoursome malty profile.
Colonsay IPA - 3.9% ABV
Colonsay IPA.
A pale coloured ale in the India Pale Ale style with lots of hop and citrus character.