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Benleva Hotel, Drumnadrochit, Loch Ness, IV63 6UH

Phone: (0) 1456 450 080



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The Loch Ness Brewery is attached to the Benleva Hotel on the shores of Loch Ness and long-time stalwart supporter of real ale. Hotelier brothers Allan and Stephen Crossland decided to add a small 2 barrel plant to the hotel's pub and start brewing their own fine beers. The first test brew was served at the Benleva in January of 2011. Invaluable help in setting up the brewery came from Angus MacRuary at Isle of Skye Brewery.

Loch Ness beers provide traditionally brewed styles as well as more adventuresome modern brews. Already the brothers are planning expansion of the brewery plant to meet demands as well as looking into bottling.


Hoppy Ness - 4.0% ABV
Loch Ness Hoppy Ness.
A Pale Ale style beer with good bitterness and the finish of US hops.
Light Ness - 3.8% ABV
Loch Ness Light Ness.
A Pale Ale style beer with a hint of hops and a citrusy finish.
Red Ness - 5.2% ABV
Loch Ness Red Ness.
A reddish coloured ale with nutty and malty flavours and a toffee and fruity finish.
Dark Ness - 5.2% ABV
Loch Ness Dark Ness.
A bitter Stout style beer brewed with Roasted Barley and having the aroma of chocolate.
Wilder Ness - 5.2% ABV
Loch Ness Wilder Ness.
An amber coloured beer with a well rounded bitter finish and a fruity aroma.
Loch Ness - 5.2% ABV
Loch Ness Loch Ness.
A traditional Scottish 80/- style beer.
Mild Ness - 5.2% ABV
Loch Ness Mild Ness.
A slightly roasty flavoured Mild Ale.
Festive Ness - 5.2% ABV
Loch Ness Festive Ness.
A reddish coloured beer with flavours of fruit, ginger, and pepper.
Ness Minister - 4.5% ABV
Loch Ness Ness Minister.
A red ale brewed for Westminsters Strangers bar.
Sleekit Ness - 4.0% ABV
Loch Ness Sleekit Ness.
A blonde ale brewed with oats and elderflower.
Ness Un Korma - 4.8% ABV
Loch Ness Ness un Korma.
A curried Porter style beer brewed to a 200 year old Brown Porter recipe with the added flavours of korma.