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5 Bank Street, Plockton, Ross-shire, IV52 8TP

Phone: (0) 1599 544 276



Plockton Brewery opened in 2007 as the brewing business of Andy Will who is a retired Royal Navy Officer having faithfully served his country for thirty years. Upon retirement, Andy returned to his home and looked to continue to supplement his Retired Pay from the Royal Navy. With the primary (nearly only) "industry" in the area being tourism, what better business to enter into than a brewery? He took the BrewLab "Introduction To Brewing" course and later formulated a business plan for the brewery. The brewery is sited at Andy's home and the opening ceremony is available for all to see on YouTube.

Andy refers to the brewery as a "nano-brewery", being a one barrel plant with Hot Liquor Tank, Mash Tun, Brewing Copper, and two Fermentation Vessels. The plant was purchased from David Porter at PBC Brewing Installations. All beers are conditioned in the cask prior to delivery to the pub. The brewery expanded to a 2.5 barrel plant in 2009.

Having lived in England during his time in the Royal Navy, Andy developed a taste for English style Best Bitter. He has taken this inspiration for the first signature beers at Plockton that follow in the Bitter and Premium Bitter categories, although he plans to expand stylistically in the future.

Crag's Ale is Plockton's staple beer. A number of others are brewed regularly, occasionally or one-off. Pump clips of the known beers are given below with ABVs noted where known.


Crag's Ale - % ABV
Plockton Crag's Ale.
The flagship beer from Plockton. A Best Bitter that has proved very popular with the Plockton locals and visitors alike.
Fiddler's Fancy - 4.6% ABV
Plockton Fiddler's Fancy.
Starboard - % ABV
Plockton Starboard.
Starboard Light - 4.4% ABV
Plockton Starboard Light.
Plockton Bay - 4.6% ABV
Plockton Plockton Bay.
Dall Winter Sunshine - % ABV
Plockton Dall Winter Sunshine.
Ciste Dubh - % ABV
Plockton Ciste Dubh.
Stretcher Case - 4.6% ABV
Plockton Stretcher Case.
An T Seinneadair - 6.0% ABV
Plockton An T Seinneadair.
Glasgow 70 - 3.7% ABV
Plockton Glasgow 70.
Biere - 4.1% ABV
Plockton Biere.