Orkney & Shetland Breweries

Brewery Regions Map.Orkney is home to some of Scotland's finest and most well preserved archaeological sites. There are theories that sites such as Skara Brae (theoried to be in use from approximately 3100 BC to 2500 BC) give evidence to the possibility that its inhabitants malted barley (likely Bere, a six-row barley cultivated on Orkney as elsewhere in Scotland) for use in the brewing of ale.

Brewing on Orkney in our day and age started in 1988 when Roger and Irene White opened the Orkney Brewery as a retirement project. Today the brewery is owned by Sinclair Breweries who also purchased and closed the Atlas Brewery and now produce some of the Atlas beers at Orkney. Orkney's original brewer, Rob Hill, then went on to start his own enterprise, originally as Highland Brewing, now Swannay Brewery.

The most northerly brewery in the UK is Valhalla Brewery at Unst in Shetland opened by Sonny and Sylvia Priest in 1997.