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The Eden Brewery is being set up by Paul Miller at an old paper mill in Guardbridge, just outside St Andrews, pending approval of the site. The company hopes to be up and running fully by August, 2012.

Upon approval, the brewery will operate a 20-barrel brewery plant with the target of having their beers on the market by June of 2012.


Breeze - 3.9% ABV
Eden Brewery Breeze.
A golden ale with the refreshing taste of citrus and honey.
The 19th Brew - 4.3% ABV
Eden Brewery 19th Brew.
A golden coloured IPA style beer with a hoppy bittersweet flavour.
The Clock - 4.3% ABV
Eden Brewery The Clock.
A hoppy classic style ale with toffee and biscuit notes.
The Falcon - 6.0% ABV
Eden Brewery The Falcon.
A malty, rich and smooth Porter style beer.