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c/o 14 Kingsmill Drive, Kennoway, Fife, KY8 5LX

Phone: (0) 1333 352 801



Luckie Ales is a very small brewing operation specialising in Scottish ale and historic beers from the British Isles. The brewery is operated by Stuart McLuckie.




80 Shilling - 5.0% ABV
Luckie 80 Shilling.
A copper coloured traditional malty Scottish beer with a full flavour and body. Brewed with a combination of 6 different malts and fermented with a Scottish ale yeast.
Midnycht Myld Ale - 5.0% ABV
Luckie Midnycht Myld Ale.
A traditional dark beer with an intense flavour and a hint of bitterness. Brewed using 4 different malts including Chocolate malt and Roasted Barley and fermented with a London ale yeast contributing fruitiness to the beer.
Amber Ale - 5.0% ABV
Luckie Amber Ale.
An amber coloured beer with a biscuit-like flavour and a fine, lingering but subdued hop bitterness. Brewed with a high percentage of Amber malt and fermented with an English ale yeast.
Edinburgh 68 Shilling - 8.1% ABV
Luckie 68 Shilling.
A reincarnation of the 68/- ale brewed by Ushers of Edinburgh in 1885. A strong beer with a complex flavour and long hop finish.
Edinburgh Export Stout - 6.7% ABV
Luckie Edinburgh Export Stout.
Brewed as a copy of an Export Stout brewed by Youngers of Edinburgh in 1897. Strongly hopped and well-balanced with luscious chocolate and cocoa flavours.
East India Pale Ale - 7.3% ABV
Luckie East India Pale Ale.
A reproduction of a beer brewed by the Victorian brewer George Stewart Amsinck. A strong ale brewed with large quanitities of hops and matured for 12 months.