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Mòr Brewing LtdMòr Brewing logo.

Old Mill, Kelles, Dundee DD5 3PD

Phone: (0) 7593 245 000




Mòr Brewing began, as so many microbreweries do, after a conversation in the pub. Director Jim Hughan, a former lifeboat coxswain in Broughty Ferry, and his business partner, Ross Niven, decided in 2011 to give brewing their own beer a try. Based in the village of Kelles, near Dundee, Mòr (pronounced "more", with the obligatory Gaelic accent, of course), is in the start-up stages but will soon be regularly producing high quality cask ales and bottled beers. The name itself means "big" or "great" in Gaelic, which matches the owners aims for the business.

Mòr Brewing beers are presently available in the area around Dundee but stretching from Perth to Blairgowrie and on to Arbroath. See the company's website for availability.


Mòr Tea, Vicar? - 3.8% ABV
Mor Tea, Vicar?
An amber coloured, well-balanced, refreshing session beer with a malty and fruity aroma, pleasing flavour or malt and hops, and a pronounced bitter finish.
Mòr Ish! - 4.2% ABV
Mor Ish!
A bright amber coloured ale with a malty and fruity aroma and well-balanced bitter finish.
Mòr Please! - 4.5% ABV
Mor Please!
A full-bodied, golden coloured session style Bitter loaded with the flavours of malt and hops and a hint of honey, and a hoppy finish.
Mòr The Merrier! - 5.5% ABV
Mor The Merrier!
A fruity stronger ale with notes of bubblegum and whole fruits.